VINCE CONRAD PRODUCTIONS (VCP) is an independent record label; publishing company and production company formed in July 2015 and based in Los Angeles, California. VCP is owned and operated by Vince Conrad. The purpose of VCP is to promote and sell the music and film projects authored or associated with Vince Conrad. Vince Conrad is a singer/songwriter/musician who performed and was a part of the early punk rock scenes in both New York and Los Angeles from 1975 to 1984. 

All the music offered through VCP has been previously unreleased to the general public. VCP is a promotional and distribution platform constructed to provide the first generation punk rock music of The Aliens, The Smart Pills and American Bad Taste to the general public. The forgoing bands and their members performed regularly from 1975 to 1984 in the early punk rock scenes in New York and Los Angeles. In addition, VCP is also offering the solo material written and recorded by Vince Conrad from 1980 to present.

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